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Twelve years ago, Arnold Fawcett and Sarah Russel, recognised the benefits for patients in locating clinics next to swimming pools and gyms, and established Aquasports Physiotherapy in two locations. The practice is now a leader in the central Auckland area in the field of sports rehab and maintaining active lifestyles. Aquasports Physiotherapists care about their patients and love seeing them achieve their goals.

At Aquasports, skilled physiotherapists will assess your current fitness, history of injuries, the way you move, your strengths and weaknesses and embark on a treatment programme, selecting from the following:

Do you want to stay fit?

You will be empowered with knowledge so that you can prevent reoccurrence of injury and live an adventurous lifestyle.

If you are looking for comprehensive, experienced, skilled care, then call Aquasports Physiotherapy 09 625 5744.

We look forward to helping
you get the most out of life

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