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Is your lower back pain giving you grief?

Up to 85% of people have an episode of low back pain. The concerning fact is that within a year following the initial injury, 86% of people will have a reoccurrence of pain.
Aquasports Physiotherapy will help you quickly get on top of your acute pain and will work with you to progress through to corrective exercises, including Pilates, then on to a gym and home rehab programme. Correct posture and movement patterns are very important in the long term management of low back pain. We use “Posture Screen” software to enable you to visualise any postural abnormality which may be contributing to your symptoms.


A thorough examination will determine the most effective pathway to relieve your pain.
The current evidence based strategies to overcome acute back injuries, recurrent lower back pain and progression on to degenerative changes require a three step intervention plan.

  • Analgesia/pain relief measures such as massage, acupuncture and possibly pain and anti-inflammatory medication
  • Appropriate manual therapy, including mobilisation and manipulation
  • Specific individualised exercise programmes, which are regularly supervised with progressive, graded, re-training of local and global muscles

Back Care Education

Aquasports Physiotherapists are experts at identifying movement patterns, postures, and occupational activities that cause and maintain your pain. Correction of poor ergonomics postures and activities is essential to get on top of spinal dysfunction and pain.

lower back pain

lower back pain

Chronic Lumbar Pain

Aquasports Physiotherapy has a proven track record in assisting patients with chronic lumbar pain and post-lumbar surgery patients. For ten years, we have held pain management and vocational contracts with ACC and are recognised for our ability to improve a patient’s quality of living and enable active lifestyles.
Your hands on treatment and back care education is followed up with corrective exercises so that you can get on top of your back condition and stay active.
To be free from lower back pain as soon as possible, contact Aquasports Physiotherapy 09 625 5744 for a consultation.

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