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Fed up with niggles?

Stop those annoying niggles that are preventing you from enjoying your sport or an active lifestyle.
Both Aquasports Physiotherapy Clinics are based in pool and gym complexes with new state of the art equipment. You will benefit from full, comprehensive rehab.

We provide a range of gym rehabilitation, including sports conditioning, progression of spinal injuries, pain management and orthopaedic post-operative management.

Our programmes are individualised and progressively graded to retrain and strengthen deep muscle stabilisers and then progress onto the larger, more global muscle groups. We have a range of rehab regimes to cater for specific needs and individual goals, such as:

  • Low impact post-operative exercises
  • Spinal rehab programmes
  • High intensity power strengthening
  • Cardiovascular programmes
  • Knee rehabilitation programmes

Our high intensity programmes, along with nutritional advice, are orientated to improve general strength, posture, cardiovascular fitness and weight loss. We realise that gym programmes can be “boring”. Our intensity programmes are challenging and fun.

Our patients have FREE gym and pool access during physiotherapy sessions.

Gym Strengthening Programmes

Gym Strengthening Programmes

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