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Is your shoulder pain preventing you from playing sport, gardening or keeping you awake at night?

Rotator Cuff Injuries and Shoulder Impingement Syndromes
One of the most common causes of shoulder pain is due to rotator cuff tendons with subsequent impingement of the anatomical structures between the humerus and acromion (arm and shoulder blade) bones. It is essential for your physiotherapist to look at the causes then work with you to deal with them appropriately.
Causes of shoulder pain and impingement include:

  • Repetitive overhead lifting and carrying
  • Positional faults
  • Poor sporting technique
  • Falls on to the shoulder
  • Forward shoulders and poor posture
  • Tight pec muscles and weak shoulder blade stabilisers

Aquasports physiotherapists spend time doing a thorough shoulder and postural examination to help you make appropriate changes to your posture and movement patterns. It is essential to stick with your rehab to prevent tendon tears and chronic pain, which may lead to the need for a surgical rotator cuff repair of the shoulder.

Rotator Cuff Surgical Repair

In the event that you need an orthopaedic repair of your rotator cuff, it is important that you receive after care from an experienced physiotherapist. Your rehab needs to follow through progressive stages to protect the repair and progress through to strengthening and biomechanical exercises to gain optimal function.

shoulder pain

shoulder pain

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