Does your hip flare up?

Be aware of that painful hip joint. Early treatment of hip joint pain can help prevent significant future hip problems.The hip can sustain injury through repetitive movement, falls, poor biomechanics and high impact sports. Early intervention to regain range of motion, retrain normal movement patterns, improve posture and core stability, and hip strengthening exercises are used by our experienced physiotherapist to treat pain and help prevent future degenerative changes. By taking early action you will be less susceptible to developing osteoarthritis in the hip joint.

Symptoms of hip problems include:

  • Groin and buttock pain
  • Bending and squatting becomes more difficult
  • Climbing up and down stairs becomes more difficult
  • Hip pain at night, especially when lying on the painful side.


Hip replacement surgery may not always result in a comfortable return to weight-bearing activities, including walking. If you are not making a speedy recovery, a personalised hydrotherapy programme is a very effective way to help you gain pain free mobility. The buoyancy of water assists in gaining pain free walking and exercise, to regain confidence. The resistance of water is very good to regain core and lower extremity strength.

Hip Pain 

Hip Pain

Our patients have FREE access to an indoor pool during physiotherapy sessions.
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