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Good postural strength and strong lower back muscles will give you:

  • Healthier posture
  • Flexibility and endurance
  • Better performance in sport, work and general every day movement
  • Injury and pain prevention

Faster and longer

Aquasports Physiotherapy uses either Pilates, gym or hydrotherapy, or a powerful combination of these exercises to build core stability and general strength. A strong core and proximal stability is proven to enhance sports performance. You will be able to run, swim and play faster and longer. A sturdy core helps prevent spinal and repetitive injuries, such as rotator cuff, patellofemoral and tennis elbow injuries.
Our patients have FREE gym and pool access during physiotherapy sessions.
To develop good spinal posture and strength call Aquasports Physiotherapy 09 625 5744.

Spinal Strengthening

Spinal Strengthening

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