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Proven Track Record

Aquasports Physiotherapy has provided rehabilitation programmes to ACC and private health providers for 10 years. Our proven track record utilising pain management strategies, a caring patient centred philosophy and modern gym and pool rehab facilities enable our clients to conquer pain and injury. Under a contract, the cost of these services is usually fully funded.

We believe a team approach including where appropriate, the patient, case manager, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, medical specialist and the patient’s doctor works well to gain beneficial, long lasting results.

Activity Focus Programme (AFP)

This service may be a recommendation from a comprehensive pain assessment; and is a multi-disciplinary programme involving a pain specialist physician; a psychologist; a physiotherapist and / or an occupational therapist. The objective of the programme is to improve the function and capacity of the individual through exercise; psychological strategies; self-management tools and pain management. It is usually a 12-week programme.

Functional Reactivation Programme (FRP)

This service may be recommended following a comprehensive pain assessment, with a medical specialist, or a general practitioner. It is an exercise focused programme with the physiotherapist, with pain education and functional activity as the core. Duration is between 6 and 12 weeks.

Progressive Goal Attainment Programme (PGAP)

This service is a 10-week programme lead by the physiotherapist to establish clear goals, which are functional and realistic, to improve the independence and capability of an injured person.

Pain Management and Rehabilitation

Pain Management and Rehabilitation

Stay At Work Programme (SAW)

The object of this programme is to get the client back to work within a safe, efficient time line. The programme usually runs from 6 to 12 weeks in conjunction with either an occupational health physiotherapist or an occupational therapist, who carries out a work site assessment, while a specialist physiotherapist assists with physical rehabilitation.

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